First bithday – first words?

Wow! A year has passed. It was a really emotional day with a lot of English.
Both of our helpers (A. and B. – haha) were here.

A. told me after she had been playing for 2 hours with E. that she was trying hard to say words in English. Yes, the first words are coming… and they seem to be English ones. Here are some words E. has been trying to pronounce lately:

English word
E.’s utterance
ba or da (it’s more like the Hungarian word for it)
a or ap

It’s great feedback for me. I’ve been waiting for her first close-to-a real-word utterances so badly.

Since the weekend party when she received tons of presents, she’s been playing a lot with the new wooden fruit cutting set. Now she’s trying to say banana (in E.’s language “nana”)

 I guess we are on the right track.

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