Story box – Vet Vicky with props

A green box with stuffed animals, a stethoscope, some gauze, a medicine box, a rope, cheese and a flower. Story box – reading fun.

I can’t remember where I found the idea but Pinterest’s story box ideas are endless.

I picked a book from the Ladybird series (Little Workmates) – Vet Vicky, which later became one of E.’s favourite.

The story is about Vet Vicky’s day in her surgery treating a dog, a cat and a mouse. Then she goes to Farmer Fred’s to have a look at Daisy, the cow, who is not eating well, but the cow has gone. Vicky finds her near the school munching on some flowers. Vicky takes Daisy back to Farmer Fred and suggests feeding Daisy with some flowers every now and then.

It was a hit at once. E. likes playing doctor, and loves animals, so even without the story box she would have loved the story. However, with it she was thrilled and did everything like Vicky in the book.


checking the dog over


giving him a pill
checking the cat over

She enjoyed following the activities in the book – five times in a row. At least I could take some photos…

Finally, she matched all the characters with their images in the book.

We’d spent nearly an hour reading the book, playing the story, when our nanny arrived.

E. wanted to do it with her too.

Ssssh! – showed Vicky to the school children when she went behind Daisy with a rope

Some body parts, like the udder, the hooves and the horns, were identified on the cow.

What’s this? – This is the cow’s udder.
E. is very interested in the other booklets of the series.

We have some of them, like Farmer Fred, Builder Bill, Hairdresser Hanna. Unfortunately, the stories are not the best for the story book idea as there can’t be so many easily available and varied props.