E.’s first email

Due to the online education during the lockdown we made a gmail account for E. She is 9 now so it’s time for her to start corresponding with her friends, teachers and family members.

In the end, she didn’t use it, but now the time has come to write her first email.

She’s into the chemical elements… again. You can read about her interest in chemistry on the link.

Nowadays she’s been re-reading the Usborne Lift-the-flap Periodic Table book. It is a fantastic book with great illustrations about the elements understandable for kids or even adults without much chemisrty background.

In the morning she mentioned she’d found some mistakes in the book. I raised my eyebrows but she showed me all the inaccuracies. And she was right. I suggested informing Usborne about these errors so in the afternoon she was sitting in front of the computer to write them an email (her very first) from her own email account.

First, there was a little fooling around and whining that I should do it instead of her, but I disappeared in the kitchen to finish the blueberry cake and 10 minutes later she came and aksed me to check what she’d written.

Here it is:

I only helped her with some missing spaces and at the closing section as she had never writen one before so she didn’t really know how to do it.

She was pretty pleased with herself when she hit the send button. And I am so proud of her. We’re looking forward to their reply.


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