Don’t eat Santa!

This game is a great way to avoid that the kids eat all the chocolate and sweets up they get from Saint Nicolas at once. We played this game a little every day and kept the sweet-eating at bay.

You can find this game at in Hungarian. The Angels brought us a version which can be played in any languages (there’s nothing written on the board).

The idea of the game is that you put a piece of chololate or sweet on each picture of St Nicolas. One person doesn’t look and the others pick a Santa. The closed-eyed person looks at the board and starts eating the sweets one by one.

When she/he wants to eat the sweet on the chosen Santa you shout: Don’t eat Santa! The remaining sweets are put into a little bowl in front of the player. Then it’s the next player’s turn. We had 4 rounds. At the end the winner was who had the fewest sweets left in their bowl.

E. was the lucky one, but we were all winners as we could eat up our remaining marshmellows. Yum!


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