New flashcards – flags

I have created another pack of flashcards: the European flags. The pack is not full yet, but quite a lot is done. First, I just wanted to check if E. is interested in them or not. As they are very colourful, she loved them at first sight.

I tried to concentrate on countries which are neighbouring countries of Hungary, or I have some information about, or we have already been to etc. I, myself, coloured them AGAIN. (I hope baby Jesus will bring me a colour printer for Christmas). To make the flashcards more durable I laminated them (that was the easier part).

Activities  you can do with flags:

  1. just have a look and say the name of the country
  2. name the colours on the flag
  3. say if the stripes are vertical or horizontal (E. loves long words)
  4. tell your child the capital
  5. talk about the country if you know it (in our case for instance: Ireland, Mommy lived there for a year a long time ago, the U.K. – this is where A. (our native nanny) comes from, Turkey – this is where Mommy and Daddy were on their honeymoon, Hungary –  we live in Hungary etc.
  6. show two flags and ask: which one is … ? and your child can pick the right one (E. likes this activity not only with cards, but also with soft toys, building blocks, flowers or coloured pencils…. whatever)
  7. turn down three cards and let your child turn them up one by one, then say the name of the country (and the capital or the colours – combination of 1.-2.-4.)
  8. spread all the cards on the floor and tell your child to choose his or her favourite one (maximum three – E. would give me all the cards 🙂 )
  9. pick the flags with the same colours and group them (redwhite: Switzerland, Poland and Austria, bluewhitered: the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, redwhitegreen: Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, blackyellowred: Germany, Belgium)
  10. if you make 2 sets you can play a memory game (I had neither time, nor energy to make two sets)

More flags are on the way:

  • I want to make England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • I cannot leave out the USA and Australia as they are among the most important English speaking countries
  • Countries of Asia, Africa and South America  are coming too

I wish a day would be about 36-38 hours long…


One thought on “New flashcards – flags

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention that we don't use all the cards at once. Only 6-8 cards at a time. Now I have just selected some of them according to how we can connect to them (the UK – our native nanny is from there, Romania – a friend of mine comes from the Hungarian part of it, – Germany – where E.'s uncle lives, Ireland – where Mommy lived for a year, Hungary – where we live, Turkey – where we were on honeymoon, and there is one more which doesn't come to my mind now 🙂


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