What’s the weather like?

The weather is getting more and more changeable. So here is how we deal with it.

I found some really inspirational ideas on this blog about displaying what the weather is like in a child’s room. So I’ve made it myself too, but I’ll do the date and days later on, introducing them gradually, just like the feelings.

In the mornings we look out of the window (She points at the window and says “window”) and look at the sky. I tell her if it’s sunny or cloudy, rainy or windy.

First, I drew some of the weather features on the window pane with special Crayola Window Crayons On the other window we have some other pictures: a butterfly, some fruits and bugs etc. E. loves to look at these as well, so I don’t want to wipe them.

To make the weather display a little bit more interactive, I made this:

I printed the weather pictures from this blog and laminated them.

 After that I glued them on  special magnet sheets that can be cut (and one side is sticky).

We had this old and rusty steel tray (lucky I didn’t throw it away) and its back served as the display surface.  (With two sided sticky tape I fixed it on the wall.)

I put green and yellow stripy electrical tape on the sides because of the rusty edge. I placed the weather board in the living room next to E.’s toy boxes and books. I wrote: Today it’s … and E. is … with a permanent marker.


Every morning after looking out of the window and checking the weather (“It’s rainy today” or “It’s sunny, but there are some clouds in the sky”, “Look at the trees, it’s very windy today” etc.) we go to the display and E. puts on the weather signs and how she feels (mostly happy). She needs time to understand the concept of changing weather and feelings (I have more heads showing feeling I’ll add them gradually)

First, she put all the magnets everywhere, but the time will come when she can do it on her own without my help.

When we have time and the weather changes we go back to the display and add or change something if it’s necessary. She enjoys it a lot. Whatever involves magnets, she is into it.

Final result

Days and the date are coming soon.


3 thoughts on “What’s the weather like?

  1. What great ideas, thanks SO much for sharing! I'm excited to find your blog, and will enjoy checking back now and again to hear how things are going. NICE job on stickin' with it, it's def. a challenge at times, huh?!


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