Irish for a day -St. Patrick’s Day Parade

I know it’s already May but I owe a post on our St. Patrick’s Day, which was great fun with some activities at home and a parade in the city centre.

St. Patrick’s Day was on a Thursday this year but we didn’t have time to celebrate it on that day. Our celebration was left for the weekend.

We started our Sunday with some St. Patrick’s day activities I found online on (nowadays it’s easier for me to find something ready-made than making my own material like last year the St. Patrick’s Day patterning printable.)

Here is a part of the’s St. Paddy pack activities:

Do a dot rainbow:

If you do not have dot markers you can use cotton buds to paint the circles.
Making a rainbow as a writing practice:
Shamrock do-a-dots:
Puzzles with Irish symbols and numbers:


a horseshoe and shamrocks



Shape matching with pots of gold:

After the activities we got dressed in green,of course, and set off to the Parade in the city centre:
Family ready to go – all in green

Last year we made a shamrock out of all kinds of green scrap paper so this year I added a stick to the back. E. could take it with her and called it Mr. Shamrock.

And she got a clover on her face too.
Let’s not forget about the paper beard and Jameson balloon. (Daddy definitely enjoyed his free whiskey too 😉 )
Baby Sis was a good girl and on arrival at the Parade’s location she fell asleep.We did not join the parade as E. got really tired of the excitement and happenings. Instead we went to a playground nearby to swing a little:
E. was so dead on her feet that she fell asleep on the way home. It was a great family day out in English with fun activities and some culture involved. I hope we can repeat it next year as well.

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