"Take a photo" scavenger hunt (with free printable)

In the middle of July we went up to the mountains. We were mainly in Hungarian up there but I wanted to have some English fun with E. As she’s into taking photos a lot nowadays I made her an ad hoc “take a photo” scavenger hunt activity.

The sheet I prepared is hand-made but I created a free printable out of it, which you can download at the end of this post.

E. can take better pictures than this
We went for an excursion to a lake. E. at first wasn’t very impressed with this activity, which surprised me to a great extent. But as we went along she got more and more excited.
All the photos were taken by her. Some are blurry some are absolutely gorgeous:
a bush with flowers




Ms. Photographer


Invisible spider web


“log”, which is more like a tree trunk 😉




she can’t use the zoom but the ducks are in the top right corner

She told me to add green plants on her scavenger hunt activity sheet:

green plants


blurry dragonfly as a bug

I also needed to add “stones and rocks” as it was E.’s wish

Rock with moss




the look out tower


oak leaves

Unfortunately, she couldn’t take a photo of a butterfly as they never seemed to land. Anyways, this project was more than rewarding if you have a look at the pictures. I think we’ll cover some other topics in the near future, like babies, playground, market, just to mention a few.

Now click on the link to print your own “Take a photo” scavenger hunt activity sheet.


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