Olympics hall of fame – sticky wall

The Olympic craze is still on in our home. Every evening we watch a little (30-40 mins) of the Olympic Games on TV no matter what’s on. So far E. has seen handball, swimming, fencing, shooting (I wasn’t very happy with that), water-polo and judo.

We don’t just watch the Hungarians but all nations but of course we try to focus on the Hungarian victories. We’ve  won so many medals so far we can be really proud of our Olympians. I thought we should pay a tribute to them somehow and that’s when the idea of a hall of fame on our wall came to my mind.

I put contact paper on the wall (sticky side out) with the help of some painter’s tape. Then E. coloured the letters of the Olympic Games, which I printed from the net, using the colours of the Olympic rings.

She also coloured a gold, a silver and a bronze medal. We stuck them all up the sticky paper.
Daddy printed the picture of our Olympians together with their sports and I laminated them.

Next, E. put them up in the right column depending who won what kind of medal.

Szilágyi Áron (fencing) is to come to the gold medallists.

Congratulations to all our Olympians. We’re proud of you, all!  


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