Smudging paint – mess free baby painting

I hope I will have more time to write about some baby activities we’ve been doing, just like this one – smudging paint in a plastic bag. An easy to prepare activity for a baby.
What you need is in the picture. I used baby paint but any kind will do as the baby won’t touch the paint directly.
I put dabs of paint on a white sheet of paper of 3 colours. Unfortunately, I used too much paint. In this case less is more. Next, I placed the white sheet with paint into the zip lock bag. You need to be extra careful not to smudge the paint while sliding it in the bag.
With painters’ tape I fixed it on the floor and put L. close to it. In seconds she scooted there to check what it is.


To be perfectly honest, she was a bit more interested in the tape than the paint blobs against the white background. Kids are unpredictable.


I showed her how to press her little hands on the paint then she got the hang of it… I don’t want to mislead you… her attention span was maximum 1 minute…


While she was messing around I was talking to her about the colours: red, yellow and blue. When E. came home from the kindergarten and she saw what we did. She enjoyed looking at the colour mixture. We talked about what happens when we mix colours: blue and yellow makes green; red and blue makes purple, red and yellow makes orange. So it’s a two in one activity if you also have a bigger child.
We might do this activity again a little later too.
The original idea comes from Jen, a Canadian mum. You can find her great ideas on

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