Squishy bag

Breakfast time is quite difficult with 2 kids. L. finishes with her breakfast quickly and gets bored in her high chair. E. is as slow as a snail so it’s hard to finish at the same time.

While E. is eating and I’m busy in the kitchen or clearing the table I always give L. something to play with. One morning this squishy bag.

I filled up an IKEA zip lock bag with a little water and added hair gel. I threw in some buttons and beads and gave it to her. Before closing it, I pushed out the air and then I put wide cello tape on the zip lock.

She was busy with the squishy bag only for 5 minutes. Better than nothing.

She poked the buttons gently. I love the careful and focused movement of her tiny fingers.

Next she needed to taste it just like everything else.

When she got bored she tossed it down and checked when it was on the floor, pointing at it. A few times I gave it back to her. And everything started all over again.

The problem was that E. was more interested and didn’t want to eat. *sigh* I don’t really know what to do with this…

Either L. might have made a hole on the bag with her 2 teeth or the hair gel was extremely bad quality as I could smell it 5 steps away from the high chair. After few days it ended in the rubbish bin.


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