Feelings and emotions 2.


After the first few worksheets I made for E., she insisted on having some more so I made these:



She did the first 2 sheets all by herself:




The last sheet with the situations was really challenging. When she was ready with the first 2 she called me to have a look. I did and talked them through, then sat down to discuss the last page.


I chose situations that she often experiences, for instance, with her sister or when trying to get dressed. We discussed the situation itself (when it happens, or when it last happened, who is involved, how she felt, how the other felt etc.). Next we agreed whether it’s a good or a bad feeling. Finally we looked at the 3 bunny faces, named which shows what feeling and tried to pick the right one. She was very hesitant even though we’d gone through them in details. She still wasn’t sure about the feeling. I tried to encourage her but we stopped at the 3rd situation and got back to it later.

She managed to finish the whole sheet in 3 goes and she was pretty proud of herself. And I was unspeakably proud of her.


How do YOU feel today?



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