Santa’s beard

After visiting Santa on his sleigh in our main square L. was talking about nothing else but Santa and his beard. I had to come up with an activity on the spot as we couldn’t stay long outside due to the harsh weather.

I printed this Santa with the numbered beard. I made this picture as I planned a countdown until Christmas but I changed my mind. (In Hungary Santa’s Day – St. Nicolas’ Day is on the 6th December and the Angels or Baby Jesus bring presents at Christmas. I didn’t want to mix these things, they’s quite confusing enough.)

I presented a bottle of glue and cotton ball and some crayons for L. and the sticking could start. Well first we tried to colour the top part of the head and the mittens, but she wasn’t that interested. She longed to make the beard.


Her concentration span is very short so I was pretty amazed when she stuck up the  cotton ball on Santa’s beard up to 11. (I was pointing at and calling out the numbers for her and she did the gluing and sticking)


After 11 she was throwing the cotton balls all over the living room. Every now and then she came back to stick some more cotton balls on, but that was all. Still, I finished it for her and  we displayed it on our living-room door where everybody could see the beautiful artwork.



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