New Year’s Eve 2017

We do NOT really celebrate New Year’s Eve in our family. The reasons are numerous, but for the kids I wanted to make it a special day.

For Christmas both of them got a magnetic wand with some colourful discs. I printed a 2018 do-a-dot sheet, one for each girl. They helped me separate the discs according to colours.


They started to put the disc on the numbers.


Well, Little L. was not very interested in this activity… within 1 minute she started to throw the discs away. Therefore I decided to give her the dotmarkers and she painted for max. 2-3 minutes.


As for E., she placed the discs very accurately on the circles. She chose to use different colours for each number.


When she finished, she collected her discs with the magnetic wand and coloured her 2018 with dot markers.

During the evening we played a lot together with the toys they got for Christmas and for L.’s second birthday.


Lucky, we have Baby Sis’ birthday at the end of December. We had plenty of balloons to play with. Even in the bath. (Not for long though as E. freaked out about the fact that the balloons might pop)

Instead of the balloons we had sparklers during their bath-time, which also made the day a little different from the others.
(No pictures, sorry)

We had a fun evening that finished at about half past 10.


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