Valentine’s cupcake

Valentine’s day is not really our holiday but it serves as a good opportunity to do fun activities. Hearts, candies, cakes. Are there any children who are not crazy about them?


In case of E. I tries to concentrate on a more serious content this time: expressing our love towards those who we love. You can read about our I love you because… door decoration on the link above.

With Little L. it’s a bit different. She cannot really gasp the meaning of this activity, what’s more, she can’t read yet, so I decided to make salt-and-flour dough cupcake decoration activity,

I made the dough with the following ingredients:

200 gr flour
200 gr salt
180 ml warm water
1,5 tablespoonful of oil.

I mixed the ingredients and also added some red food colouring. On a tray I added whatever I found at home: buttons, beads, heart-shaped confetti, mosaic tiles, paper cups etc.

She didn’t want to play with the dough although she loves the soft and nice-smelly play doh. It’s true that it’s texture was different: rougher and not at all nice-smelly (maybe next time I’ll put some essential oil in it)


So I put little balls of dough in the paper cups and she decorated them happily. While doing it we were talking about the shapes of the toppings (round, oval, flower-shaped, heart-shapes), the actions she made with them (press, push in, pull out, take it off etc), colours (green, yellow, purple, pink, red).


When she finished her creations we put them on a shelf to dry them. Of course, one cupcake was for Mommy, and there was one for L. When E., and Daddy came home they both got one as a present. Even our native nanny could choose one cupcake (well, L. chose one for her 🙂 ). These cupcakes were L.’s present for the people she loved very much.


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