Which part of the plant do we eat?

As E. got pretty excited about planting not only flowers but veggies (carrots, radishes, tomatoes this year) I though I would challenge her with something interesting.

She’s been eating her veggies more willingly, and enjoying it actually, so I prepared an activity for her about which part of plants we could eat. She also made salad for the whole family out of home-grown spring onion, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. (Mind you, only the spring onion was home-grown 😉 )

You can download your free copy at the end of the post.


She had no difficulty grouping the vegetables except for the ones we do not really consume like artichokes and celery stems. (In Hungary we make foods mainly out of the celery root – and E.’s familiar with it -, or at least in my family)


At the end of the sorting activity she made up a card game you can play alone or with other players too:
You turn up 2 cards: one picture and one name card and place it the middle of the table. Then you shuffle the rest and share it evenly with the players. You place your cards face down and each player one by one  turn a card up. If you see either the picture or the name of the vegetable in the middle you have to say: Match! and you can keep the pair, if not, the next player turns up their next card. The winner is… well I would rather say the aim of the game is to collect as many matches as the players can. It’s not really a competition, but it can be if your child is competitive. Mine is not 🙂

Here you can download your copy of Which part of the plant we eat. Some more game ideas can be found on the link. Have fun!


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