A short time with C.

As I’m desperate to find native nannies for the girls, I’m willing to put up with the fact that some of them can stay only for a short while. Like in case of our Canadian nanny, C, who could stay with us only for 2 months.

Still, the girls and C had a really good time together full of fun and enjoyment.

I always try to separate the girls English time while C was here but it’s more and more difficult to keep Little L away from E. or any fun activity. So most of the time they played together.

When not, E. showed C. her flag puzzle. C. knew a lot about flags so they both enjoyed playing together with it.

Little L. took pleasure in C reading for her.


However, Little L. joined in with the building…


… the playdoh time,

E.’s playdoh bird in the nest

or the tunnel game.

C. was showing pictures of her travels and the kids were fascinated by the exotic places she had been to. She told them stories about her experiences abroad.

They also loved making the sofa into a slide and slipping-sliding on it. What a pity I didn’t take a photo of that.

The girls got on well with C. from the very beginning, they had no communication problems whatsoever. They had lots of fun in English.

It’s such a pity she had to go back to Canada at the end of summer. I wish she could have stay with us longer.

DSC04639_ (1)


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