Halloween stormed in 2018

After the spider costume last year I was really looking forward to what E. comes up with this year. As she’s been into a new topic: weather, she wanted to be something weather-related. And what else can be more frightening than a …..





Challenge accepted. Again we just needed a black set (sweater and leggings). I found some old, white tulle curtain leftover. I cut a piece and sewed it on the sweater in a zig-zag and some more tulle down on one leg all around.


I created little pockets so we could fill it up with pillow filling (I actually opened an Ikea pillow and used the filling of it) and some objects the wind could pick up while swirling around.

The full-dress rehearsal was at the drama class, but we didn’t add the filling as yet, just the objects.


Later on, we added a little grey to the filling with a marker and tucked it in the tulle together with some plastic toys (spiders, cows, cacti). Some clouds on the face and some more tulle in the hair and it was all done.


Little L. wanted to be a black cat. I bought her these cute cat ears, we added a sock tail to her one-piece cat costume, drew some whiskers on her chubby face and she was ready to purr.


I myself dressed up as a were-wolf. I even bought gloves with claws but I left them at home before the party at the Helen Doron school.

Still, we were quite a sight on the bus on the way to the school. Haha!

At the Helen Doron School the usual unbelievable scariness welcomed us. Spooky decorations,


Halloween treats,

edible earth with worms

and games,

craft session,


in one word: FUN!

I’d like to thank the teachers who always put their hearts in these parties, plus their dress-up ideas are magnificent.






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