Memory jar 2019

As opposed to last year’s memory jar  this year the jar was full by September I had a really hard time to tuck the last 4 months’ experiences into it. Many things have happened this year, plus E. added her own notes secretly.

The jar is full

We “pour” the paper pieces out of the jar over Little L. who was “swimming” in them.

I did most of the reading. E. didn’t feel like reading out. What a pity!

Still, we had a lot of fun remembering great times. The number of paper pieces were double compared to last year and the kids were losing their concentration toward the end.

Anyway, it was great joy to remember all the fun we had last year. A great activity throughout the whole year and also on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

I’ll save these pieces of paper for later so the kids can re-read them if they wish when they’re all grown.

Making memories for the future.
Happy 2020!


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