Beauty salon game

My elder daughter’s brain is scientifically wired, she’s not so interested in girly things, on the other hand my little one is more influenced by the material world. She’s a girly girl who’s into nail polish, hair clips and pretty dresses. She inspired the beauty salon game.

First, I drew around my hands and made nails. Then I printed a female model head, punched her hair around and tied orange yarn into the holes.

I prepared nail polishes of different colours, eyeshadow and blush. There were a lot of hair bobbles and hairclips, plus some cotton buds and pads.

Then came the girls into the beauty salon. They turned into beauticians.


They started with the nail polish.

We put the hands aside to dry, then came the lady’s hair.  She asked for a plait. The girls decorated the hair as they wished. (When the nail polish dried they added rings made out of kitchen foil.)



Little L. needed a tiny bit of help with the plait at the beginning but she did a great job.

E. is a pro at this:



The lady checked her look in the mirror:


Make-up time:

With cotton buds they outlined the eyebrows, put blush on the cheeks, eyeshadow on the eyelids and added some blush on the lips too (I have no lipsticks). They also put some blush on their own cheeks afterwards.


They had lots of fun, and we mentioned all these beauty-realted vocabulary items (see the highlighted words in this post) that we usually don’t.

I loved E.’s wise comment: Simple is the best.

E.’s final result of the lady
Little L.’s lady

Summer Poster

I have less and less time to write new posts on the blog, but one morning I had a sudden idea of recollecting our summer memories in some ways and I really need to share it. E. is going to a new school in a week. I’m 100% sure the first question will be: What did you do in the summer?

I can see my shy, 7-year old black out as if nothing had happened all summer.

I came up with this poster idea, where Little L. can use a gluestick she loves so much. I had printed some holiday photos, cut them up (you can do it with your kids, but as Little L’s concentration span is still very short, I rather cut them up myself).

I also cut a piece of paper off our huge IKEA paper roll and provided the girls with markers and the gluesticks.

As it’s still warm and sunny we did the sicking project outside.

They were not very into it at the beginning but finally they got the hang of it.

First, they were looking at the photos and grouped them on the basis of different locations and programmes. They chatted about where we were, what we were doing there both in English and Hungarian (most of the holidays had taken place in Hungary.)


Then the sticking started.


I wrote Our summer 2019 on the top. E. traced some letter as my marker was getting to dry out.

They decorated the headline with a sun, clouds and I added a smiley. Little L. drew waves under it, plus added ice-cream at the bottom. E. drew some trees and wrote some headings.



Little L. had difficulty gluing the smaller pictures so I helped her a bit. And after a while she lost interest.


The final product turned out really well. Although they were not as interested in the summer poster project as I wished for, this was the first thing they showed Daddy when he got home.