Our first dental project I. – videos, books, apps

As we have visited the dentist with E. I looked up some videos, book and apps on dental health beforehand. This post is an appetiser before I share with you some real fun dental health activities.

English videos

Brush, brush, brush by KidsTV123

Brush your Teeth by Busy Beaver
The VERY favourite one!!!! Brush your teeth by Topsi Smile TV

Brush your teeth by StoryBots (we just couldn’t leave this out 馃檪 )
A Peppa pig episode: Peppa and the Dentist
Two videos in Hungarian:
Fogmos贸 dal by Kerekmese
Bori a fogorvosn谩l (11 minute short story about what happens at the dentist’s)

Now the books we’ve been reading about teeth and going to the dentist:
Here is a video in which a lady reads out Show me your smile. The quality is not the best but it gives you an idea.
Another book we are looking at is Izg艖-mozg贸 fogaim published by Man贸 k枚nyvek.
It’s a great book with flaps to open, teeth to move and learn a lot about teeth, like parts of a tooth, baby teeth vs permanent teeth, how teeth grow, when and why they fall out, what happens at the dentist etc. It also has some interactive pages where you can pull a tooth out or glue a picture of yourself with no, one or 20 teeth. The book goes with a little tooth box for the first fallen-out teeth.

I read this book to E. both in English and Hungarian.

This is the book she took with her when we visited the dentist:

Apps for android

It’s not just about teeth but all kinds of health problems (broken bones, rash, fever, weak eyes etc). The player needs to heal the kids by taking them to the right department.

E.’s favourite is the dental department where one has to remove plaque, clean the teeth with a brush, drill them and kill germs, plus, at the end the player can choose coloured braces as well. E.’s favourite 聽part is killing the germs in the mouth. The other departments also means a lot a fun. You can take X-ray photos of broken bones, or you can injections or examine blood in a laboratory.

Just like the previous one you need to heal children with all kinds of health problems. Still, this also has a dental department. This game is a little bit more disgusting for me – not for E. (the germs has to be pulled out of the ear or off the teeth and they are not as funny looking as in the other game). What E. likes the most in this game is when you heal a child, funny animal balloons are floating down from the top that you can pop.
We’ve tried some other games too, but either E. didn’t like it or they were a little scary/disgusting for a 3-year-old.

I hope you could find some ideas to watch, read or play with your kid. Let me know if you could add any more to this list. Thanks for popping in.


Doctor, doctor… – pretend play 1.

E. has just turned 2 and in the last couple of months she has started to take pleasure in playing role-plays.
The followings are her favourite:

  • doctors
  • vets
  • cooking
  • tea party
  • shopping
  • sleeping
  • little house
First I’d like to post about playing doctors.
Playing doctors:
In February I bought an issue of Dora, the Explorer magazine (in Hungarian). It always includes some toys and this time it was a doctor’s case a stethoscope and a syringe. At first she wasn’t interested but around March she started to walk around with the stethoscope in her neck and giving injections to all the stuffed animal and our dog too.
We made her Teddy, Eric, Susie doll and Rabbit sit on the sofa; that was the waiting room. One by one she examined them saying:
– E. is examining Eric.
– Let’s take Teddy’s temperature.
– Breathe in, breath out.
– Thermometer goes in the armpit.
– Open your mouth wide.
– Eric has fever.
a spatula is also added to the kit
taking Teddy’s temperature


open wide!
Then three weeks ago our dog got ill and we needed to go to the vet several times. E. came once and she was absolutely fascinated. The聽vet at Gizm贸k veterinary was amazed how clever and interested she was 馃檪
She wanted to know every utensil in the surgery, looked at our dog’s X-ray photo, she checked out some new born kittens and their mommy. She got a little frightened when the parrot screeched but she was also so engrossed with it she couldn’t take her eyes off the bird. The vet聽was so kind that E. could borrow the doctor’s case from the waiting area until the next morning (when our dog had to go back for another X-ray). As soon as we got home E. opened the doctor’s case and examined the dog (again… poor thing).
She (and I, as well) learned a lot of new phrases both in Hungarian and in English (reflex hammer, otoscope, forceps, tweezers, bandage)
let’s check his reflex.
listening to doggie’s heart beat
examining Daddy – multi-tasking 馃檪
Unfortunately we do not have a nice doctor’s case with several tools (though I added a Nurofen syringe, green mask, some bandage and plasters), we really need to buy a proper one together with a white doctor’s coat. I’ve already prepared some flashcards on the topic but they are not finished yet.
So to finish with, here’s a Doctor, doctor joke:
– Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I’m a caterpillar.
– Don’t worry, you’ll soon change 馃榾