Feelings and emotions

E. has always had difficulties expressing, then later on naming, emotions. Probably, I’m not helping her much as it isn’t easy for me to express emotions so that others can understand it easily.

I’ve tried talking about feelings with her, or identify emotions in different situations but she wasn’t interested, she wasn’t ready to discuss such issues.

But now the time has come. She’s been watching this video for a while and she’s been talking about it ever since. The most frequent question in our home lately is: – Mommy, how do you feel now?

So I’ve made this ad hoc activity on the basis of the character in the video (a rabbit). Hopefully I’ll have time to make a digital version of it and make it available for you to use with your little ones. I have to admit I can’t draw…



The activities are not only the traditional matching ones. I wanted to make them more fun and help E. be able to focus on them for a longer time. (there were 5 pages altogether)

Apart from “match with a line”, she needed to colour, use building blocks, copying, drawing symbols to match the faces and the emotions.



Towards the end (4th and 5th pages) the emotions become more and more difficult to identify.

On the way of doing this task we were talking about when we feel in certain ways. She also added some really good examples:

I feel angry when water friends don’t do what I say.

I’m frustrated when I can’t put on my boots.

We’ve reached a very important topic. We must talk about emotions in Hungarian, too. I never make activities that have anything to do translations. I hardly ever draw a parallel between English and Hungarian, but this time I definitely will. Stay tuned, there will be more on feelings and emotions.


Journal for 3-year olds

E. got a journal for her name day in July. At first, she wasn’t very interested, but now she is getting the hang of it. I presented her with a journal because I want her to draw more, which she doesn’t like much. Secondly, we are a journal writing family, and I only hope she’ll join the club.

I got some journal ideas on pinterest, some of which I’ve collected in a new board.

So here it is what E.’s first journal look like:

the cover

I simply bought a cheap notepad with thicker sheets in it as I don’t want markers to leave a stain on several pages. I covered the top with blue cardboard and stuck felt letters on it. (Actually, her first task was to stick letter E in the front. As you see it’s a little crooked 🙂  )

Some ideas are taken from Teaching 2 & 3 year olds
There are some drawing, sticking and tracing pages.

I also added pages like “Draw your Mommy” or ” Draw a picture of you”. But she hasn’t had any intention to look at those pages.

She was much more interested in the numbers and letters.

I was also influenced by Mama.Papa.Bubba blog journaling idea.

Aaaand (beat of a drum) her first drawing of a lovely weekend memory:

I wrote next to the drawing what she said was memorable for her. (Mommy and Daddy were made by me). I would have been so happy if she’d drawn  a picture of her name day party, but she refused. (although it was a wonderful party with 2 of her friends from the nursery, anyway…)

I really hope this will be a successful project in the long run and she’ll embrace this sort of memory collection. Fingers crossed. I’ll come back with some more feedback on journal writing.