Earth Day – Painting Crafts

Before the recycling activity we had done some Earth related crafts like this mess-free zip-lock bag painting. Even very small kids can enjoy pressing the paint into all directions.


What you need:

– a plastic bag that can be sealed (I used Ikea bags)
– a paper plate
– green and blue paint



– put the paint on the paper plate (I put a little more blue than green as there is more water than land)
– place the paper plate (very carefully) into the plastic bag and seal it
– seal the bag

You’re child will know what to do right away, I’m sure. If not, tell him or her to press and see how the paint will move everywhere.

E. realised how much more she can spread the paint with the edge of her hand.

The first plate had too much paint on so we pressed it against another paper plate. Although it is called a MESS-FREE painting method, with this change everything became grubby.


I used leftover baby paint so it was easy to clean up.

E. enjoyed it so much we needed to paint one more Earth.



Here is the final result:

Another activity was dot-marker painting of Planet Earth. (If you have no dot-markers you can use cotton buds and blue and green paint or simply colour the dots with markers)

I searched for a picture of Earth and I made white dots on land and sea as well.

I wasn’t surprised at all that she started to count the dots while she was painting them the right colour.

We ended up writing the numbers and Earth next the Globe. E. traced my numbers and letters. This is her new “hobby”. As you can see she stamped some hearts all around Earth, because:
– I love you Mommy, and the Earth, too.

Here is the downloadable dot marker Earth .


St. Patrick’s Day Patterning Printable

I’ve managed to prepare my first FREE printable. I’m not very good with computers but I managed to put together this Saint Patrick’s day patterning activity for E. as lately she’s been really into pattern activities. It is also available for you to download at the end of this post.

You just need to print and cut it out, if you want it to be more durable, you can also laminate the cards.

E. enjoyed it a lot, though she found it hard to pronounce leprechaun. I’m not surprised. (Unfortunately The Story of The Leprechaun book I ordered hasn’t arrived yet.)

The ABABA patterns and the ABBABB ones went easily.


Though the ABCABC pattern was quite a challenge.

Whoops! Wrong…


That’s it!

After having finished the patterns we played a memory game with the extra cards.

Lep.. lepr.. Mommy, you say…



You can download this free St. Patrick’s Day Patterning printable below:

St Patrick’s Day Patterns