Trying new words

Baby L. is very talkative. I wish I could understand what she wants to say but most of the times I don’t. She’s babbling a lot with funny intonations. She often sounds as if she were complaining, explaining some academic topic or cheering her favourite soccer team on.

However, more and more words and expressions are coming out of her that we also understand.

The funniest is a new Hungarian phrase: “nemba(j)” i.e. no problem. (I think I use it quite a lot when she messes everything up while eating, throwing thing down on the floor, or dirtying herself at the playground etc.)

She’s trying to say the English version of it too “no-pro”

Here is what she’s been saying recently:

L. 15 months words (2)

There is one new word that is missing from the chart above: one and “egy” in Hungarian. When we ask her how old she is she says one. So sweet!


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