Our summer nanny

It’s always been very difficult to find a friendly and dedicated NATIVE English speaker nanny. Either they’re too busy to come to us and/or would charge unreasonably high.

This summer we had bilingual Nanny E. with us for few weeks. First, she came to play with E. only, later on she visited Baby L. too.

Both girls enjoyed spending time with her, so I was quite sad from the very beginning as I knew she was available for July and August only. (She went to be an au pair in France.)

She brought fishy colouring sheets for E. and when she talked about the funny masks she ‘d seen at the gift shop of Tropicarium, our new nanny printed some masks that they cut out and coloured together.


Baby L. was looking forward to her arrival every time. They were reading books together, went through her sister’s jewellery box, played with balls and dolls, but the pouring activity was the one L. adored the most.

Baby L. is checking the green box with our summer nanny

Unfortunately, at the beginning of August Nanny E. just realised she had a lot to do before leaving for France and also had some family issues. She wrote me an email in which she gave voice to her displeasure concerning her visits (long travelling, unbearable heat, the low hourly fee and me! taking her granted and speaking rudely to her). Well, I do not need to say how taken-aback I was, but I accepted her dissatisfaction and we said good-bye to each other.

Now I’m in search of a new NATIVE English nanny/babysitter/playmate for my girls. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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