Sticky board notes

To increase E.’s reading practice in English I put on a sticky board on the bathroom wall at the end of July. Why? Read on and you’ll see this very simple and motivating reading fun for kids.


E. loves books and reading. Whatever. Her thirst for reading is endless, still needs practice, needs materials that keeps her interest. This is the reason why I put on the sticky board. And what does a sticky board have to do with reading. Well, I print all kinds of short passages for her to read when she brushes her teeth or taking a bath or on the toilet. (Who doesn’t read on the toilet?)

Among others here are the passage types I’ve stuck up on the board:

  • funny poems for pre-schoolers
  • funny poems about (water) animals
  • Did you know…? – fascinating facts about E.’s current interest
  • poems by famous poets
  • jokes
  • riddles
  • quiz/general knowledge questions
  • quotes from books we’ve read together
  • sayings and proverbs
  • sight words
  • spelling fun (like the magic E – at – ate, mad- made, pan – pane etc.)
  • location of hidden treats20170720_162704

She enjoyes reading them, she gets excited whenever she finds something new on the sticky board. The sticky board makes it possible to take the passage/questions/jokes off easily and stick on a new one.

What’s more she made her own writing to the board:


I change the content within 2-3 days. I work ahead, so I have a stash of reading material to stick on quickly after she’s gone to bed or before she comes home from kindergarten.


You can listen to E.’s reading out loud from the sticky board on the link.

How do you practice reading with your pre-schooler or school-aged kids? Let me know in the comment section.

The idea is not mine. I stole it from the fantastic book, Maximize your child blingual ability by Adam Beck. Check out the book to get even mre fantastic hands-on advice how to juggle with the languages in your home.


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