Limbo game

E. wanted me to report on a game she made up. I was more than happy to do it as she wished. They played this game with Little L. in English.

First, she fixed some elastic band between two stools. This served as a limbo pole. Then, they formed two teams; the teams were sitting opposite each other. Between them there was the rope.

They took two giant dice and equal number of soft toys. Both girls threw the dice.

If you throw 6, you can make a soft toy go under the limbo pole. They cannot touch the limbo pole. If you accidentally touch the rope with the toy you have a second chance to try. If you touch the limbo pole for the second time, your soft toy is out of the game and joins the audience. If they manage to go under the rope without touching it, they stay on the other side. You have to put them aside.

Nothing happens if you throw 2, 3, or 4. The players throw again (at the same time).

If you throw 5, one of the set-aside soft toys go back home.

The game ends when somebody only has toys from the other team, and has no original soft toys. Then the other team wins. If you play it in more than 2 groups, the winner is who has the most original soft toys.
I know it’s sounds a bit complicated as it is written down but in practice it’s easy and FUUUUUN!
Here’s a video as the girls are playing the limbo game.


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