Paper plate growing flower

Flowers are blooming in our garden, but the weather turned cold, so we brought spring inside our home with this paper plate growing flower craft.

spring2020 (1)

To be honest, I needed to find some craft project for E. as she needed to hand in some spring related craft for school.

I found this cute paper plate growing flower craft on pinterest. (Check out the link for the original idea.) I thought this will go well with our spring playlist on youtube.

While we were listening to the spring songs our hands were busy with doing  the craft.

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • paint
  • yellow/white/green construction paper
  • popsicle stick/spatula
  • markers/coloured pencils
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yellow button or bead

How we made it:

To begin with, I advise you to prepare the smaller and more time-consuming elements of the craft, like the leaves, or drawing of the little girls who is watering the flower, with smaller kids even the flower petals.

We started with the painting of the ground brown in the lower section of the paper plate. 20200328_093158

Then we let it dry. While it was drying we made the flowers. You can paint the petals with fingertips, but my daughters don’t like to get dirty, so we used dot markers instead. We let them dry as well.

We cut out the green leaves, and coloured and cut the little girl out. (I drew the girl, the kids just coloured it. In case of older kids 10+ you can let them draw their own.)


When everything dried we drew the roots with a black marker, cut the sun and paste it on the paper plate. The kids drew the rays of the sun.


When the petals of our flowers were dry we glued the yellow button on as the pistil.

After that we glued the leaves on the popsicle stick (lucky I had green sticks), then the flower head. The girls also glued the little girl on the paper plate. I did the cutting along the ground line with a sharp hobby knife.


When everything was ready they tried to put the flower through the hole but it always stuck because of the leaves. I folded the middle of the paper plate and problem was solved.


While playing they were singing (to the tune of Head, shoulders, knees and toes):

Flower, stem, leaves and roots, leaves and roots
Flower, stem, leaves and roots, leaves and roots
And all it takes is sun and showers
And the seed grows into a flower.

Check the song on youtube.



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