Outschool.com is an educational site for children. Kids can take part in interactive and informative lessons online via Zoom. It’s free to join but one-time class fees ranges from 5 USD but weekly courses can cost up to 100-600 USD.

As E. is into Chemistry and the Periodic Table, we picked a one-time class: A Visual Tour of the Periodic Table with Dr. Steve Silbaugh.

Atom, the Periodic Table, gas changing colour due to electricity

Apart from E. there were 7 other kids taking part mainly from th US. There was one girl from Pris, France. E. and another girl were only 9 years old. The others were over 12.

The class was on a Friday at 5 pm and cost 10 USD, which I found reasonable. Prof. Silbaugh was a research scientist and is an element collector. They went through the Periodic Table and he showed the elements and talked about them. Interesting facts, magnetism and even radioactivity. E. was amazed and really enjoyed every moment of this class.

I guess this was not the last time we signed up for a class on Outschool.com.